The Inventor of the smart watch crowdfunds his way to $24 million dollars

Crowdfund Affiliate raises money for deram

With the recent boom of the 3D printing market, it only seems natural that devices that complemented the rise of this industry would follow. 3DOODLER, a pen that lets anyone draw in 3D, is one such example. 3DOODLER, developed by WobbleWorks, who rank among the top ten most successful companies that were launched on kickstarter, allows users to seamlessly create three dimensional objects. This idea was first envisioned by Peter Dilworth, Maxwell Bogue and Daniel Cowen, who engineered a way in which the pen released a small amount of plastic as you drew, that cools almost instantly into a solid structure, allowing the creation of 3D objects by hand. Conceptually, they drew the concept from the idea of a glue gun and worked their way up from there.         

To help fund their idea, they launched a kickstarter campaign in February of 2013, seeking $30,000 to get the project off the ground. What is particularly notable abut this campaign was that they offered up their pen for very reasonable prices, with $50 being the minimum amount of funding required! This enticed a ton of interest and investment, as they met their initial goal within a few hours. The campaign stayed live for less than a month, generating over $2 million, allowing WobbleWorks to start manufacturing the 3DOODLER. Since then, they’ve enjoyed commendable commercial success and have modified their business structure to facilitate further growth. Today, they offer various models of the pen – Start, Create and Pro, for instance, are all targeted at different audiences, with kids, adults and professionals being the respective target audience for each of the models. In 2015, after the success of the first 3DOODLER, WobbleWorks turned to Kickstarter again to launch another campaign. This time, they generated $1.5 million in order to develop an updated version of the 3DOODLER, featuring a more compact design, more customizability and flexibility and better battery life. They even added a quieter fan, making it a much more consumer-friendly product overall!

              The company has also embraced the community-friendly aspect of their business, and constantly works with user-fed platforms to improve their business model. Today, they hold auctions in partnership with various established users on Etsy that show off the capabilities of the 3DOODLER, making it one of the most successful crowdfunded products to date!






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