24 Year Old Raises Over $6 Million to Fund Dream to help relieve anxiety

New Crowdfund Project Raises $2 million through Crowdfunding Affiliate

Today, the Fidget Cube has blown up to monumental proportions and stands testament as one of the most successful crowdfunded startups to date. One of the most (in)famous products that have been crowdfunded, the Fidget Cube, developed by Antsy Labs, initially aimed to serve as an all-in-one tool that offered users different ways to fidget around while at work. It didn’t matter if you were someone who constantly clicked your pen or needed a squishy toy to play with, the fidget cube pooled nine different ideas into one object, allowing people to fidget to their hearts content!


This idea was propagated, initially, by Matthew and Mark McLachlan – brothers that had set up a company known as Antsy Labs. They saw the need for people to fidget at work, and so, developed a cube that had various things to play around with – lock knobs, joysticks, rolly balls, buttons to click on, switches to press and even a dial that could be spun up and down, were all integrated in one small, compact cube that would take up very little space on a desk. To fund production and shipping, they launched a kickstarter campaign, which, to this day, ranks within the top ten most successful campaigns in terms of revenue generated.

With a close up video highlighting the various fidgeting possibilities, the fund-raising campaign was launched with the goal of $15,000. This, however, was easily met within 24 hours, with the total campaign generating over $6 million. Since then, Antsy Labs has comfortably met all their deliverables, becoming a stable company and selling over 3 million units. Today, Antsy Labs still maintains their commitment to crowdfunding, as they have resorted to Kickstarter to help fund their new line of products, including Fidget Factory, a board game based largely on fidgeting!


Fidgeting can have positive and real-life applications.

A small, handheld toy outfitted with six sides’ worth of clickers and joysticks, The Fidget Cube promised to help anxious people occupy their hands. The campaign raised $15,000 on Kickstarter in less than a day and nearly $6.5 million in total.

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