Father Son Crowdfunds ways to make honey at home – raises $12 million in two months.

Successful Crowdfunded Project Called FlowHive

Flow Hive is a startup initially conceived by a father-son team from Australia aimed at making beekeeping and honey-harvesting accessible to the general public. After spending nearly a decade developing a kit that did exactly that, Stuart and Cedar Anderson, who hated the fact that bees had to be hurt and displaced to harvest honey, turned to kickstarter to help make their company a reality. Previously, Cedar Anderson ran a honey-production business centered around sustainable practices, and so, saw this as a natural and logical extension to his first venture. Their patented approach involved extracting honey from honeycombs without crushing bees, using reusable plastic that moulded itself to form cells in which bees could deposit honey. Once the honey was extracted, the bees would refill them in due time, making it a safe and sustainable method for honey extraction.


This gave them a very powerful approach when it came to marketing, which they capitalized on. With the help of a short video to explain the benefits of their services, Flow Hive made their way on to Indiegogo and within two months, saw over $12 million in investment come their way. They received over 20,000 preorders, priming them for their entry into the commercial market.


     A whole unit, which was one entire hive, was priced at $600, but their campaign offered smaller, broken-up units to help back their initial campaign. Flow Hive had successfully encouraged people to stop using harmful chemicals, hurting bees and get involved with a new, engaging activity and marketed it as something that the whole family could do together. Moreover, they alluded to sustainability throughout their campaign, further generating interest and enthusiasm among their clientele. The Andersons also dealt with the post-funding demand admirably, falling a couple months behind schedule, but, eventually, managed to set up their manufacturing and shipping processes, reaching over a hundred countries around the world. In nine months, they shipped more than 20,000 units, making them blow up in the public sphere.

              Since, Flow Hive has successfully sustained their business, raising another $2.5 million on Indiegogo, with a campaign still active today. This figure is constantly updating itself and the company has seen immense success since. They have shipped an updated version of the kit – The Flow Hive 2, and have been making strides in the industry since August of 2018, keeping on track towards making a more sustainable future for their backers as well as their customers!

The fastest to reach $1 million and $2 million...

Within 15 minutes, the campaign had attracted US$250,000 in pre-orders and was soon breaking Indiegogo’s website and a slew of crowdfunding records.  

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